I Tried the New Sheet Mask Craze… and Here’s What Happened

Sheet Masks are the hottest trend in skin care right now… so naturally I had to try one out for myself! I had two options to choose from: the Brightening Sheet Mask or the Firming Sheet Mask.

The Brightening Mask brightens and refreshes skin with fine white pearl powder essence. The Firming Mask lifts and tightens skin with Royal Jelly – a precious ingredient known for its anti-aging benefits! Both masks are generously saturated with concentrated serum for intensive treatment for your skin, and both sound AMAZING, but as a non-wrinkly twenty-something… I went with the Brightening Mask. 🙂

Here’s what the package looks like… Notice how it says “Immediate Results”? I was skeptical that my skin would actually be brighter immediately afterward, but what the heck. I decided to be optimistic.

I like to do things right, so I read the instructions. Start with a clean, dry face. Okay, check. Clean and dry. Let’s do this.


Next? Take mask out of package, unfold, and apply to face. Sure, no problem. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the mask was so… wet. Clearly I already knew that it was super-saturated with serum, but I was still surprised that there was sooo much serum on one mask!

Okay, so I unfolded the thing, and lined up the eye and mouth holes with my actual face… and smoothed it right on.


The mask actually felt amazing right off the bat! So much moisturizing power made me feel really relaxed. So I decided to do some relaxing things for the twenty minutes that I needed to leave it on my face!

Selfies, of course, are a must. If you didn’t document your weird sheet-mask-face, did you even use a sheet mask??

Other relaxing things I packed into my twenty minutes of sheet mask: practicing ukulele, catching up on reading, drinking some yummy hot chocolate, listening to relaxing music, and forcing my dog to take selfies with me (it’s amazing the extent of what he puts up with from me).

Okay, twenty minutes are up! Now what? Carefully peel off the sheet mask and admire the results!

Ta-Da! Dispose of that still-moist single-use mask, and pat in any remaining serum left on your face. DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE! Leave that beneficial serum right where it is!

Alright, I was promised immediate results. What do you think?


Whoa! Look at that bright, radiant skin! I felt so incredibly moisturized after the mask, and my skin really felt rejuvenated. But these results couldn’t possibly last overnight, right? Wrong!


Check out that gorgeous skin! No makeup the day after I used the sheet mask (except for eyeliner and mascara) because my face felt too amazing to cover up with makeup!

I highly, highly recommend these new sheet masks! You can order them right here! Use once a week for best results, and let the serum give you the softest, most radiant skin of your life.

Keep living your own beautiful story 🙂

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