The Perfect Look for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Are you and your significant other ready?? Does Valentine’s Day make you feel all warm and fuzzy and kind of a general shade of hot pink?

If you actually have someone to celebrate with, VDay can be a wonderful thing. But if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it can make you feel just a little bit dead inside (I feel ya).

Whether your hand is hovering over the button to forward this blog post to your SO, or you’re looking for ideas to pamper yourself on Single’s Awareness Day (you go, girl. You are a beautiful goddess, and you deserve to be treated like one), here are some of Avon’s best looks for Valentine’s Day!

First, we need to get our fashion together. Are you going to play it safe with your fashion staple and whip out your Little Black Dress? What if instead you go bright and bold with… a Little Red Dress! Avon has two gorgeous options. My personal favorite is the Perfectly Polished Lace Dress, but if this weather stays chilly, you might want to go with the longer sleeves of the classic LRD!

Okay, we’ve got you looking hella classy in your new red dress. Now we need to talk footwear. What goes best with a sexy red dress? Classic black heels, of course! If you’re feeling edgy, Avon offers some really hot strappy and studded heels. If you want a more tame look, go for the floral print or classic black flats (with memory foam!). But seriously, how amazing would any those heels look with that LRD?!

Moving on… What’s the next thing you need for the perfect VDay? Obviously you need the perfect jewelry! The Perfect Match necklace and earring set is the perfect match for your LRD! (see what I did there??) And fellas… Those heart earrings and necklace would be the perfect gift for your special someone! They come gift-ready in those beautiful heart-shaped boxes! Does your lady love the look of Pandora charm bracelets? Avon has a beautiful (and less expensive) alternative! Your lady friend will love the freedom to express herself with the different charms!

And last but not least… When there’s the potential of getting up close and personal, you better smell good, right? We’ve got you covered. If you’re feeling chic and refined, go with the Little Red Dress Eau de Parfum; with hints of raspberry, Bulgarian rose, and red sandalwood, you’ll feel sexy and sultry all night! If you’re feeling more flirty and fun, try love, mark. body spray. With hints of wild strawberry, white peach, and pink sugar crystals, it’ll be easy to seal your date with a kiss!

Of course we can’t forget about your special man! Avon has the perfect gifts for your man-candy too! Make sure he smells amazing with Luck for Him or Attraction for Him (both are specially formulated to compliment their respective “for her” scents!) because let’s face it, when you borrow his hoodie, you want it to smell great.

Congratulations, you’re all set for the perfect Valentine’s Day! Click here to shop for all your VDay necessities!

Make sure to send this along to your SO and let them know exactly what will make you smile this Valentine’s Day!

Keep living your own beautiful story 🙂

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