Get Organized for the New Year!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year? Let me guess… Get healthy, get in shape, join a gym… Am I close? Okay, what about… Get organized?

Organization is one of my big goals for 2017; this is the year that I’m moving, starting grad school, and growing my Avon business. None of those things will go well if I’m not organized. That’s where Avon Living comes in! With organizational items for the bedroom, kitchen, and more, Avon Living helps you stay clutter free!

Let’s talk storage: do you have small items all over the place because you just don’t have a place to put them? Not anymore! Now your small items go straight into the Woven Bin. Display pretty items without taking up space on your desk with the Hanging Shelves. Get your shoes off the floor with the Hanging Organizer. And get seasonal clothes out of your way by adding Under Bed Storage.

Okay, let’s move on to the kitchen. What kind of organization do you need for your spices and utensils? How about an Expandable Spice Rack? And for storage or travel purposes, canvas wine glass storage with dividers! When you shop the Dining Storage Collection, you’ll also find specially sized storage for plates, bowls, and mugs! Another favorite of mine is the Cutting Board complete with a slot to hold your iPad while you look up recipes… it also includes a protective plastic sheet so there’s absolutely no danger to your device while you cook. And last, but not least, we have the handy Collapsible Colander. It folds completely flat for easy storage!

Your turn: what else do you need to get organized this year? Find all these space-savers and more by checking out my online store!

I hope these ideas help get you started organizing for the New Year!

Keep living your own beautiful story.

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